Home Based Care Pathway

Emma King and Emma Edwards get together to present this research-led clinical service, now daily business for people in the Parkinson’s Community looked after by the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

It has been recognised with “Highly Commended” in the Digital Innovation category of the 2021 British Medical Journal Industry Awards. Most importantly, the service works and has had – and continues to have – a positive impact on patients, care partners and clinical staff.

To mark the BMJ Award, Dr. Camille Carroll introduces the video.

Everyone with Parkinson’s should have access to this type of service. How quickly will other NHS Trusts step up to the plate?

#1 The Home-based Care Pathway for People with Parkinson’s, presented by Emma King, approx. 15 minutes duration, starts at 03:12.
#2 The impact of the Home-based Care Pathway on PDNS Services in Plymouth, presented by Emma Edwards, approx. 15 minutes duration, starts at 18:46.
#3 Q and A, starts at 34:56.

Please read an introduction to the Home Based Care Pathway.