Gait Disturbance

Meet The Researcher Online.

Dr Will Young gave this presentation about his work using psychological techniques on the prediction and prevention of falls in older adults, and people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s. He is especially interested in how anxiety about falling can influence gait disturbance and the control of balance/walking. This is now the target of a study funded by Parkinson’s UK that is presently (July) recruiting, see Overcoming Freezing Of Gait (FOG) 

The goal of his  work is to develop practical, low-cost strategies to help prevent falls and improve mobility. Will emphasised his commitment to involvement. “I always look for advice and comments from local Parkinson’s branches and groups to help guide ongoing and future research”.

Dr Young is a Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology at the School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter. He previously lectured in this discipline in the Department of Clinical Sciences, Brunel University. He has worked as researcher in the fields of Neurology, Neurorehabilitation, Psychology and Sports Psychology.