EJS ACT-PD Initiative – Accelerating Clinical Trials in Parkinson’s

The Edmond J Safra ACT-PD Initiative,  Accelerating Clinical Trials in Parkinson’s.

This is a Presentation by Dr Camille Carroll about this significant multi-disciplinary study.

To say that the pace of Clinical Trials for Parkinson’s is pedestrian is to be polite about the systemic problem. The EJS ACT-PD Initiative demonstrates the complexity of the task of fixing it. We applaud the intentions and commitment of those involved and wish them well. They deserve to be supported. This is PenPRIG’s way of doing so.

During the Covid-19 pandemic it has seemed to many people that Parkinson’s research has slowed in favour of rapidly finding treatments, cures and preventive measures against the virus.

Out of the clinical limelight a group of Parkinson’s researchers and people affected by Parkinson’s together with funders have been developing a new type of clinical trial called Multi Arm, Multi Stage, or MAMS for short.

Dr Carroll explains how MAMS can enable several Parkinson’s therapies to be assessed simultaneously, and those that are promising can be taken seamlessly and quickly on to Phase Three trials and therapeutic use.