Research Resources

The Science

The Science of Parkinson’s blog by Dr Simon Stott carries articles on significant research developments. He goes to considerable trouble to explain the science to the layman.

Dr.  Stott is Deputy Director of Research at Cure Parkinson’s, founded by the late Tom Isaacs in 2005 with the specific intention of finding  a cure.  Cure Parkinson’s has raised significant funds that have led to important discoveries and are currently sponsoring several trials. The Trust continues with Tom Isaac’s determination to involve people with Parkinson’s so that research is relevant and targeted properly.

Previously restricting themselves to funding research in academic surroundings, in 2015 Parkinson’s UK moved into active engagement in research focussed on drug re-purposing.  They are also now involved in initiatives to bring change to drug testing processes. As a result a charity founded on excellence in community support in the UK has moved onto the international stage.  Their Research Blog is widely acknowledged as a reliable source of information on research progress and current topics.

The Parkinson’s Research Interest Group on FaceBook aims to increase awareness of and participation in research by highlighting progress and opportunities to participate. (Full disclosure; the PenPRiG Treasurer is an Admin).

Europe PMC provides access to an enormous international repository of Life Sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines.

Clinical Trials

The 2020 review of Parkinson’s Therapies in the Pipeline  and  Summary Table compiled by Kevin McFarthing, Susan Buff, Gary Rafaloff, Thea Dominey, Richard K. Wyse and Simon Stott.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) publishes an exhaustive if not exhausting Clinical Trials Guide Guide. This is concerned with participation. A somewhat more user-friendly version is at NHS Clinical Trials..

The UK Clinical Trials Gateway resource, developed to inform people about clinical trials anywhere in the UK, has unfortunately  disappeared from the radar. is a resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It is an international registry of clinical trials, listing nearly 300,000 research studies in over 200 countries.

Special Topics

Uniprot, for all there is to know about alpha synuclein, or indeed any other protein.

Explore stem cell research.