Removing The Rubbish in Parkinson’s


Treatment addressed to the neurones – “Nurturing The Neurones” – may for example be focused on the mechanism that charges the internal batteries of neurones that fire the signals.

In the normal course of events cells die. Our skin cells are continuously shed. The same is true within the brain, amplified by the life cycle of the cells that service the electrical activity. The most widely held view at present of the cause of Parkinson’s is that by not Removing The Rubbish, the accumulation of dead material suffocates the neurones.

Nurturing the neurones and removing the rubbish are treatments intended to slow down and preferably stop the progress of Parkinson’s. The more radical treatments seek to refresh or rejuvenate the neurone population, thereby restoring normal brain function.

The Bristol GDNF Trial

I am stunned that a treatment that brought such visible improvement to the lives of all but 4 of 41 people was judged ineffective. It apparently missed the target “by a country mile”. Some target.