Research Resources

This Glossary of Parkinson’s terms takes a gentle trot through the foothills of specialist terminology.

The Science of Parkinson’s blog by Dr Simon Stott carries articles on significant research developments. He goes to considerable trouble to explain the science to the layman.

Cure Parkinson’s raises significant sums for research, continuing founder Tom Isaac’s determination to involve people with Parkinson’s so that research is relevant and targeted properly.

Parkinson’s UK are the largest Parkinson’s charity in the UK. They fund research in academic institutions and through their Virtual Biotech. The Research Blog is a reliable source of information on progress in research.

The Parkinson’s Research Interest Group on FaceBook aims to increase awareness of and participation in research.

The Parkinson’s Trial tracker is a comprehensive survey of the state of play, updated quarterly. This is maintained by volunteers.

Europe PMC is an enormous international repository of Life Sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines. is a trusted USA registry of clinical trials any. It lists nearly 300,000 research studies in over 200 countries.