Physical Activity Interview

Exploring people with Parkinson’s Disease views on physical activity

This research study forms part of a larger programme of study for a Doctorate in Philosophy, which is looking at strategies to enhance physical activity in people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Physical activity has been shown to improve health and wellbeing in people with Parkinson’s disease. But, many people do not take part in regular physical activity. Previous research has mainly focused on the views of people who are active. We would like to understand this topic from the viewpoint of people with Parkinson’s disease who do not describe themselves as physically active: This would help us to make sure that any strategies to support people to take part in  physical activity that we develop would be suitable for everyone.

  • This project asks people about their experiences of physical activity during a one-off interview.
  • We are particularly keen to talk to people who do not perceive themselves to be physically active. We would take this to mean that you participate in no more than one physical activity per week. As a guide, by physical activity we mean any exercise (for example exercise groups or classes), or activity you do in your leisure time, such as walking, dancing or gardening.
  • You need to be age 18 or over with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and be able to provide informed consent

People who want to take part are invited to make contact with the researcher. The researcher will then contact you by telephone to discuss the study with you. If you are still interested, we will check that you are suitable for the study by asking some questions. If you are not suitable to participate, we will destroy any personal information that you have given us, but record the reason you were unable to participate anonymously. However, if eligible, you will also be asked about your Parkinson’s symptoms, how long you have had Parkinson’s disease and general details such as gender and age.

During this call a convenient location, date and time for a face to face interview will be arranged. On the agreed date and time, you will meet with the researcher to discuss your experiences of physical activity. The interview will normally last for about one hour with rest breaks as required. The interviews will take place between November 2018 and March 2019. The location of the interview will be your choice and it could be at your home or at the local support group setting if there is a suitable room.

The interview will be face to face and consist of a few questions about your experience of physical activity, your understanding of the term, and your beliefs and attitudes towards physical activity. The interview will be recorded and, if you have requested a copy of the transcript of the recording, this will be sent to you for checking and comment.

To participate in the study

Contact either the Researcher,
Heather Hunter, University of Plymouth,

or the Project Supervisor
Dr Hilary Gunn, University of Plymouth,

or download the Participant Invitation Letter and the Participant Information Sheet.