Trial – IRL790 (P05)

To whom is this relevant?

This may be of interest`Anyone with Parkinson’s experiencing the involuntary movement known as dyskinesia, and who meets the other eligibility criteria. 74 people are required.

What is being trialled and where?

This research is a multi-centre study of the ability of the oral drug IRL790 to reduce dyskinesia. There are Study Centres at Derriford Hospital,  Plymouth, at Torbay Hospital,  Torquay and in Cornwall (location details awaited). This is a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial, so the Trial staff will not know whether you have been assigned to the drug or the placebo.

What is involved?

The Trial schedule requires six visits to the Study Centre. The first and last visits are for screening and follow-up respectively. The middle four visits take place on diarised dates in the 28-day drug trial cycle. There is little these dates so it would be wise to arrange your diary to be clear of other commitments. More information is given in the Patient Information Sheet. Travel expenses are paid.

Interested in taking part?

Please contact Dr Camille Carroll’s research team on 01752 432048 or email

Further Information

This is a Phase 2 Trial. You will be told whether you were given the drug or the placebo (“unblinding”) after completion of all participation. Irrespective of benefit your trial is limited to the 28-day period.

The international trial registration is by Integrative Research Laboratories AB.