PD Frontline – #GetTrialReady

What is it about?

Research has identified several genes linked to an increased risk of developingParkinson’s. Currently about 10% of Parkinson’s diagnoses are linked to a genetic cause. For example, 10-15% of people with Parkinson’s carry a mutation in the GBA gene (rising to 25% in particular ethnic groups). Another example is a mutation to the LRRK2 gene. Although this very rare in the UK, those who possess this gene defect have a significant chance of developing Parkinson’s by the age of 80.

Researchers believe that by understanding how certain genes can contribute to the development of Parkinson’s, they will be able to develop new treatments which target specific biochemical pathways, and potentially be of use in the general population of Parkinson’s diagnoses (idiopathic/sporadic Parkinson’s).

What is the objective?

Many of the drugs developed for Parkinson’s are targeted at specific genes, such as the GBA and the LRRK2 gene. To test whether these drugs work, the study team need to identify many more people with abnormalities in these genes who are willing to be enrolled in clinical trials.

Where is it?

At home, online to the registration website.

How long does it take?

A few minutes.

What does it involve?

You are asked to:-

  • Register and sign a consent form
  • Answer a few questions
  • Provide a saliva sample on the test kit that wil be sent to you.
  • Return it in the pre-paid envelope.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who lives in the UK, subject to acceptance by the study team.

Participation in this study will disclose to you your genetic results in order that you can be referred to clinical trials and other studies. You must read the information on the website and think carefully about your decision to participate.

How do I enrol?
Visit the PD Frontline website to register your details, sign the consent form and create a personal login.

If you are already enrolled on the Rapsodi Trial, you do not need to register here.