Genetics, Parkinson’s Families Project (PFP)

What’s it about?
The aim of the study is to identify new genes that predispose or cause Parkinson’s Disease or Parkinsonism. There is a pressing need to study the genetic makeup of family members both with and without Parkinson’s. As families share a common genetic background, it is easier to find new Parkinson’s genes by studying the genetic makeup of people with Parkinson’s alongside other members of their families study to look at genetic influences in Parkinson’s.

What is the objective?
Following the identification of genetic variation that causes Parkinson’s, in collaboration with the NHS and other researchers, the investigators plan to: 1) develop new NHS tests of Parkinson’s and 2) develop new disease model which can act as a testbed for new treatments

Where is it?
Plymouth, Cornwall, Exeter.

How long does it take?
One visit.  Participant information leaflet

Who is eligible?
1. You are Age 18yrs or over
have a Clinical diagnosis of Early onset Parkinson’s/parkinsonism (symptom onset before the age of 45 years).

2. You are Age 18yrs or over
have a Clinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or parkinsonism
a family history of Parkinson’s/parkinsonism, a first or second degree* family member affected by Parkinson’s or parkinsonism) and/or Early Onset** Parkinson’s/parkinsonism

3. You are a first or second degree* family member of someone who is already part of the Study, whether affected or unaffected by Parkinson’s/parkinsonism.

How do I enrol?
For Cornwall:
Ali James
The Royal Hospitals NHS Trust. Treliske
tel 01872 256498

For Exeter:
Clare O’Reilly
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Barrack Rd
tel 01392 408146

For Plymouth:
Rena Truscott
Mount Gould Hospital, Mount Gould Rd
tel 01752 434498 or 07798 677457

* First degree relative = a parent, brother, sister or child.
Second degree relative = an uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandparent, grandchild, half-brother/sister or double cousin.

** Symptom onset before the age of 45 years.