Factors Affecting Physical Activity

Factors affecting physical activity levels in people with Parkinson’s


My name is Heather Hunter and I am a researcher at the University of Plymouth with an interest in physical activity in people with Parkinson’s. I am undertaking this research as part of a programme of study for a Doctorate qualification.

People with Parkinson’s ability to undertake physical activity is varied and is influenced by a number factors. For example, support from family and friends, as well as, access to transport and local, affordable classes.

Aim And Expected Outcomes

The aim of this research is to explore what affects people with Parkinson’s ability to undertake physical activity. For the purposes of the research study, this will involve answering questions about yourself (e.g. age, gender), how important physical activity is to you as a person, your ability to overcome obstacles to undertake physical activity, as well as how your Parkinson’s affects you.

This knowledge will be useful to healthcare professionals and researchers working with people with Parkinson’s to inform future ways in which they might support people to be more physically active.

Participant Information Sheet and Entry to Survey

The Participant Information Sheet and the Survey are to be found here. (Note: The Survey commences at the bottom of the page).

Editor’s Note

Heather Hunter was responsible for PenPRIG’s very first ” Get Involved!” research study listing. We are delighted to see her return in the next step on the academic ladder still very much involved with research into Parkinson’s.