Local Research Studies Platform

The PenPRiG Local Research Studies Platform is open to any researcher who would like to engage with the Parkinson’s community in Cornwall and Devon.

We believe any study of Parkinson’s should have input from our community. Possibilities include:

Input to study objectives
Practicalities of study methods and logistics
Participation in studies in person, online and by post
Discussion of study conclusions
Joint presentation of results.

Please use the form below to contact us. We do not accept external uploads to this site. We will provide a separate confidential email address for research correspondence and file attachments.

We do not allow file uploads here. Our response will come from an email account that you can then use for attachments.

The research portfolio of the University Hospitals of Plymouth is being developed specifically to reflect the priorities of the local community.

Parkinson`s has an active research group in the Trust and University, and is seen by the Trust to have a supportive patient community. PenPRiG is working with the University Hospitals NHS Trust to extend and improve the communication about our joint interests in research in the Peninsula.