About Us

PenPRIG promotes participation by the people of Cornwall and Devon in clinical research into Parkinson’s.

  • We arrange for researchers to talk about their work.
  • We foster relationships between the research and Parkinson’s communities.
  • We maintain a register of local opportunities to participate in research.
  • We help you better understand the science of Parkinson’s and how to assess your participation
  • We share knowledge and experiences in ordinary language.

The PenPRIG Facebook Group is our news channel and the place for feedback.

Recent Speakers
Claire BaleDr Simon StottDrs. John and Sue Whipps
Why is there no cure yet?Disease modification trends"Not Just A Load of Old Tablets"
Dr Stephen MullinDr Will Young
Genetics, GBA-based therapiesGait studies

PenPRIG is an independent team of volunteers. The Steering Group includes Chairman Ulli Funken, Secretary Sue Whipps, Treasurer Chris Maycock and Devon Representatives Nigel Coleman and Ian O’Neill. Thank you for visiting our website. When you view this website and when you interact with it, we assume in so doing that you understand and accept the terms and conditions on which we operate the website, as set out below.

  • Our intention is to inform you correctly in ordinary language, but we do not hold ourselves out to be experts. We make no representations about the completeness or accuracy of the information presented on this website. Any reliance you place on the information is strictly at your own risk.
  • Links to individual researchers, whether presented on the website or by email distribution, are offered on the understanding that we have taken steps to ensure that they are bona fide representatives of their Institution and duly authorised to conduct their research studies.  However, we make no representations about the intent, conduct or outcome of any research involvement you may agree to.
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