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About Us

Perhaps you have recently been diagnosed and want to know more about how Parkinson’s can be treated.  Maybe you have heard about a research study looking for volunteers and want to know more about helping to develop new treatments.

We aim to help you understand the nature of Parkinson’s, what is going on in the research world and to stimulate your interest in participation, particularly if you live in Devon or Cornwall). The website is organised in this way:

  • Research Themes introduces  you to researchers, clinicians and industry experts presenting their work on the direction and themes of Parkinson’s research.
  • Get Involved keeps you posted on the opportunities to be involved directly in research studies
  • Research in Action gets close to the “daily business”, introducing researchers working on studies that we are tracking, and recounting the experiences of partcipants in research trials
  • References is a compendium of articles and sources of information explaining the science and presenting our selection of reference material.

All of our videos are on YouTube.

If you live in Cornwall or Devon you can join our Facebook Group for breaking news and discussion about local opportunities to participate in research.

Who We Are

The Peninsula Parkinson’s Research Interest Group is a group of volunteers consisting of Chairman Ulli Funken, Secretary Sue Whipps, Treasurer Chris Maycock and Devon Representatives Nigel Coleman and Ian O’Neill. We are independent and an unincorporated association.

What we do

  • Organise  events to share knowledge about the current themes of Parkinson’s Research and the progress being made
  • Identify and publicise opportunities to participate in research and explaining what it may entail
  • Host discussion among people with Parkinson’s and Care Partners and encouraging engagement with researchers.

An Invitation

We believe there is much to be gained in the Parkinson’s community from  understanding the science and much to be gained by the Research Community from understanding the lived experience. If you share our aims and interests and are willing to offer some of your time, skills or knowledge please get in touch.

If circumstances preclude such involvement we would appreciate your consideration of financial support. Our banking details are Lloyds Bank sort code: 30-96-26, Account No.: 55539668, Account name: Peninsula Parkinson’s Research.