We want you to  Get Involved in clinical research into Parkinson’s. We explain why you should and how you can take part. We point you to the opportunities, especially if you live in Cornwall or Devon.

To the PenPRIG Videos and Events, researchers and clinicians bring their work and people with Parkinson’s bring their experiences.

In Research Articles you will find the science of Parkinson’s in plain English and reliable sources of information.

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Get Involved

Read the Get Involved Guide to understand the different ways in which you can participate in Parkinson’s research. We offer some insights into the research methods you may encounter. We publish a register of current Studies, particularly those that involve researchers and clinical trial units based in Devon and Cornwall.

Choose a Study from the main menu. Studies that are in progress but no longer recruiting participants are transferred to the Archive. Note that the archived studies are not maintained.

PenPRIG Videos and Events

Meet the Researcher, Meet the Researcher Online, Meet the Researched. Three different beats on the same drum. Get Involved.

We give each presenter in the these videos the same challenge: explain it in Plain English. And be prepared to answer questions!   

Featured Speakers
Drs John and Sue Whipps
"Not Just a Load of Old Tablets"
Claire Bale
Why is there no cure yet?
DrSimon Stott
Disease Modifications Trends
Dr Will Young
Gait Studies
Dr Stephen Mullin
GBA Gene Therapy
Dr David Beckham
Viruses and Parkinson's

Research Articles

Parkinson’s research today draws on the sciences of neurology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. It is generating thousands of articles per year in more than 150 Journals in Neurology alone and over 2,000 journals in the other disciplines. It is pretty much impossible for an insider to grasp all of this, let alone the layman.

This Research Articles Guide is our take on the world of  research.  Research Resources presents our  selection of reliable sources of information.

Specific Articles are listed in the main menu.