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Perhaps you have recently been diagnosed and want to know more about how Parkinson’s can be treated.

Maybe you have heard about a research study looking for volunteers and want to know more about helping to develop new treatments.

We keep you up to date on the opportunities to Get Involved directly in research studies.

In Research Themes we persuade researchers, clinicians and industry experts  to present their work on major topics in Parkinson’s research.

In Research in Action we introduce researchers who are working on studies that PenPRIG is following, and we publish articles by PwPs and care partners about their experiences in Trials.

In References we endeavour to explain the science of Parkinson’s in plain English, and we present our selection of the best-informed  people and reliable sources of information.

If you live in Cornwall or Devon you can join our Facebook Group for breaking news and discussion about local opportunities to participate in research.

We are the PenPRIG group. If you share our interests and are willing to offer some of your time or provide financial support, please get in touch. Our banking details are Lloyds Bank 30-96-26, 55539668, Peninsula Parkinson’s Research.