Get Involved!

Perhaps your partner has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Maybe you are the person in question. You may be just curious about research or you may be wanting to know where to begin . Please take one minute to read on …

Reasons to Get Involved

The headline reasons for getting involved in Parkinson’s research studies are straightforward. Without our participation in research there will be no new treatments and more effective treatments are urgently needed. Parkinson’s is now accepted by most authorities to be a variety of conditions that will need specific treatments. To achieve this a much clearer connection  between the science and the lived experience will be necessary. This means that everyone in the Parkinson’s community has something to contribute.

What We Do

We work to bring our local research and Parkinson’s communities closer together. We maintain a list of the research studies that are recruiting. We explain these studies and the rudiments of the science of Parkinson’s in plain English. We invite experts to address the themes of Parkinson’s research and  encourage researchers to speak about their work. We support conversation about research among the Parkinson’s community on our home turf.

Our Focus

Some topics are specific to NHS Trusts in South West England. The list of opportunities to participate includes information specific to those who live in Cornwall and Devon.

Where To Find Our Stuff

Our Facebook Group hosts breaking news and discussion.

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Footnote: What Sars-Cov-2 Did To Us

It transformed what we were doing from organising local meetings face to face with a researcher to working entirely in a virtual world. We still miss the proper meetings, but the reach of what we do is much greater. The impact on research and clinical practice has been incomparably greater and is only just beginning to take hold.