PRISM Survey (P07)

Life with Parkinson’s

Although not specific to the south-west, this on-line Questionnaire is worthy of your attention as a starter for ten. Get involved!

CLOSING DATE Sunday 30th June

The Study has been initiated by the Parkinson’s Movement, is inspired and supported by the Cure Parkinson’s Trust and is being conducted by Wickenstones.

Intended for someone with Parkinson’s and their primary care partner, the questionnaire looks into how Parkinson’s affects your day-to-day lives. There are also questions about the medications, healthcare and other services that you use to help better understand people’s experiences and needs. It should take 40 minutes to answer.

“Primary carepartner”. Hmm. In the political world this phrase would be called a triangulation. It’s a phrase that tries to avoid offending anyone and as a result looks awkward to everyone.