Privacy Policy

The data that we collect and why we collect it

We share Parkinson’s Disease research news and encourage participation in research activities by those living in Cornwall and Devon. To do this effectively we monitor the use of the website and we collect  information from the Contact Forms. We are not a membership organisation, and have no interest in personal information beyond that which you choose to disclose.

What our cookies do
  1. Log your acceptance of this Policy document, and  store that acceptance for up to 60 days or until the Policy is changed.
  2. Record use of the website by all visitors for analysis purposes. As you do not log on to this site the data does not disclose personal information.
The personal information we collect and keep

We collect comments through Contact forms only, which require your email address. The contents are stored as emails for the foreseeable future.

Comments that request advice on personal circumstances or are considered inappropriate will  be deleted without response. We do not share email addresses with third parties.

Embedded content from other websites

PenPRiG makes extensive use of embedded content, either stored on our website or through links to other websites. Following a link to another website means that you are subject to their Privacy Policy.

Log-In Accounts

A separate Policy applies to those with log-in privileges.

The rights you have over your personal information

You can request that we erase all emails in which you have been the sole external correspondent. We will do so immediately unless we are obliged to keep information for legal or security purposes.

How we protect your data

The website is professionally hosted on remote servers with appropriate security arrangements. Data held off-site is stored only on password-protected systems.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We conduct our affairs as required by the GDPR Legislation. Team Members are formally trained in compliance.