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The Peninsula Parkinson’s Interest Group – PenPRiG

The aim of the Peninsula Parkinson’s Interest Group – PenPRiG – is to increase participation in clinical research in the South West Peninsula.  We believe that PenPRiG will help the people of Cornwall and Devon make a significant contribution to research into Parkinson’s.

We organise opportunities for researchers to talk about their work, and encourage local research and study initiatives.

This website presents information about where, why and how you can be involved in research into Parkinson’s. We aim to explain these matters in ordinary language. 

Our Facebook Group is the PenPRiG news channel. This is also the place for comments.

PenPRiG is an independent team of volunteers, The Steering Group is Chairman Ulli Funken, Secretary Sue Whipps, Treasurer Chris Maycock and Devon Representatives Nigel Coleman and Andrew Leach.

We appreciate the support of the organisations and individuals that are helping us to achieve our aims.

PenPriG is an Unincorporated Association.